Sunday, May 11, 2008

" no no....ish...gaga ahh gone"

said bubba.

which translates to " no no fish, no ga-ga, no all gone?". today we were all cuddling in bed, being silly like we do every weekend morning. well bubba was playing with his pacifier (ga-ga....i have no clue why it calls it a gaga but he does) and threw it and it landed by the fish tank (kinda behind it) he said "uh-oh ishh" and i told him he better be careful or the fish would eat his binky. slightly un-true but we've been trying to break the binky habit for a few months now. well he kinda forgot about it and we started to get ready for our day. we got in the car to leave for IHOP and as we backed out he started screaming for his ga-ga, I reminded him that the fish had his binky and we'd have to get it later. surprisingly he calmed down.

well fast-forward a few hours when we get home, the boys are asleep in the car. we carry them in and lay them down and they stay asleep. well, when bubba wakes up he wants his binky. i said 'okay lets go get it from the fish'. imagine his surprise when he sees his binky IN the fish tank, but without the nipple part...just the handle. B and I acted super suprised that the fish had ate his ga-ga. (obviously i had cut the nipple off and put the handle in there, they didn't really eat it) he took it really well. we got what was left out and he didn't want it, he put it back in the tank. then proceeded to say ''no no no no ahh gone?

everything was fine til bedtime. he fussed for awhile then laid in bed with me watching tv for awhile. he didn't really cry or anything. he'd ask for it and i'd remind him that the fish ate it and he'd pout for a minute then be fine.

oh how I hope this works!!! cross your fingers for me!

oh and since it is Mother's Day today, Happy Mother's Day to all the mama's reading my blog!!

I had a great weekend. Yesterday B got me the double stroller that I've been wanting for the boys, and took us to the zoo! we were there for 4 hours! it was a lot of fun but no pictures because my preggo brain remembered the camera and the memory card but forgot the battery on its charger. oh well, it was fun.

today i got to sleep in, then we went to ihop for an early lunch, then ran some errands. the boys all got me a card and a new purse that i've been wanting! we got home, took a long 2.5 hour nap, woke up, B grilled chicken and i made the potatoes for supper (along with watermelon, corn and garlic bread) and then we took a long walk to the park. the boys played for awhile on the playground, we swung by DQ and all shared a peanut buster parfait and then headed home. it was after 9 when they went to bed, here's hoping they sleep in!

i will update with pictures from today, later. its late and i'm ready for bed.

buenos noches!

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  1. Happy Mothers Day S!!! You are one of the very best mom's I have ever known. Mega love to you and yours!


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