Sunday, May 25, 2008

first trip to the....


yep, my boys are 2 and 1 and have never been to the movie theater. honestly, i always thought bubba would get scared and pooks wouldn't sit still but i was wrong. after dinner tonight we went to the $2.50 movie theater on a whim. we didn't know what was playing but figured we'd give it a shot. well "horton hears a who" had started about 15mins earlier, but we went ahead and saw that one.

despite missing the beginning, it was a cute movie and the boys did great. pooks was in a trance, he didn't stop watching the screen for a second. he sat in B's lap and just watched. bubba was a little bit different. first he was sitting by himself, then he wanted to sit with me, then he was hungry (or influnced by all the other kids eating) so we ran out to the lobby and got some reese's pieces; back into the movie and he was great. he was laughing real loud and saying 'uh-oh' and at the end they sing which he thought was hilarious.

i guess from now on we'll have to pay more attention to whats playing over there. granted we were only there for about 1 hr but they had alot of fun!

2 movie tickets: $5
1 medium drink to share:$3.50
1 emergency pack of Reese's pieces: $3.85
seeing your kids totally excited and getting one hour to just sit with them: PRICELESS!

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  1. Very very cool! How awesome! Do you remember your first movie? Thanks for always sharing your life with us! We love you lots!


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