Tuesday, May 6, 2008

1/2 back to normal....

well the safelite guy was able to fix our window yesterday, before it rained!!!
*insert happy dance here*
then i called our insurance regarding getting the car detailed, due to the shards of glass everywhere. my biggest concern was the glass that got into the a/c vents. when you turn the a/c on, glass shards come out...lovely right?
so insurance tells me that they will pay for the car to get detailed (with out a deductible or anything!!!) just to find a detail shop, get it done and have them send the insurance co the bill.

easier said than done. firstoff after calling 10 detail shops, no one will/can clean a/c vents and ducts. that requires removing the entire dashboard, then removing and cleaning the ducts. *sigh* well i finally found a chyrsler dealership that will do it...for $200-$400! yikes! i am SO glad i don't pay that bill! i even double checked with insurance about the amount and they said "not a problem". that is getting done tomorrow. woohoo!

in other news,

bubba is doing much better with the potty-training! he did have two accidents yesterday but both were #2's so he doesn't quite ''get'' that yet. its kind of a one step forward two steps back process.

as for pooks--he ''cruised" the entire length of the sofa today!! YAY! he pulled himself up on the end where i was sitting, the proceeded to walk (while holding on of course) to the other end, where bubba had "hidden" all his trains. lol. bubba will need to find a new hiding spot.


  1. In the words of bubba, WhooHoo!!!!!

  2. Yeah! great to hear walking around the couch!

    Seems your fam is progressing great!


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