Thursday, May 29, 2008

Belly pic...

because i was out of town last week, then my camera was dead the beginning of this week, i'm really late on posting a belly pic. here is one from today, 11 weeks and 5 days. ignore bubba and pooks head's in the bottom! i have my 1st ob appt on june 9th so i will keep everyone updated!

honestly, my belly looks a bit smaller but in reality, its cause my boobs have gotten bigger. LOL, but its true! what 2 weeks will do when you're preggers, huh? i've been feeling pretty good. today was the first day out of this entire pregnancy were i woke up with morning sickness. i puked a couple times this morning, then twice more this afternoon. hopefully its just a fluke!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

first trip to the....


yep, my boys are 2 and 1 and have never been to the movie theater. honestly, i always thought bubba would get scared and pooks wouldn't sit still but i was wrong. after dinner tonight we went to the $2.50 movie theater on a whim. we didn't know what was playing but figured we'd give it a shot. well "horton hears a who" had started about 15mins earlier, but we went ahead and saw that one.

despite missing the beginning, it was a cute movie and the boys did great. pooks was in a trance, he didn't stop watching the screen for a second. he sat in B's lap and just watched. bubba was a little bit different. first he was sitting by himself, then he wanted to sit with me, then he was hungry (or influnced by all the other kids eating) so we ran out to the lobby and got some reese's pieces; back into the movie and he was great. he was laughing real loud and saying 'uh-oh' and at the end they sing which he thought was hilarious.

i guess from now on we'll have to pay more attention to whats playing over there. granted we were only there for about 1 hr but they had alot of fun!

2 movie tickets: $5
1 medium drink to share:$3.50
1 emergency pack of Reese's pieces: $3.85
seeing your kids totally excited and getting one hour to just sit with them: PRICELESS!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

pics from the last few days...

we're at nanaw and papa's house for the week, so i haven't taken too many pics. the boys are having fun playing, bubba is attached to nanaw's side and pooks is gaining independence. today, he stood hands free for over 30 seconds, then clapped. he's really starting to cruise quickly, let go and take that little step to the next piece of furniture. mama is about to get REALLY busy!

here are a few pics of the boys, mostly pooks though, with some of his birthday gifts.

enjoying the table from nanaw and papa

pooks ''inhaling'' cheetos (beside his table)
opening his present from bubba on his bday, a Backyardigan's sofa pooks in the pool
boys playing

Sunday, May 18, 2008


We had pooks party today, it went EXTREMELY well! There were about 25 people there and we served pulled pork sandwiches, baked beans, potato salad, coleslaw, watermelon, corn on the cob and obviously cake and ice cream. I must warn you, this is VERY pic heavy!!The theme was "Barnyard Dance" after the Sandra Boynton book.

The birthday boy:

The room (it was a community building):

Food side:

The Cake: Opening gifts:

Nanaw Phyllis signing the Birthday Boys picture frame:
Pooks with Nanaw Byers (his great great grandma):
Pooks with Auntie Michelle:
Singing happy birthday:
This looks yummy:
His Method:

The results of his method:
Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


in honor of mine and pook's bdays this sunday (yep he was born on my bday) i found a new layout. mmm...makes me want a cupcake REAL bad!

and to my fellow blog mommies, i lost my link's list when I changed it :( if you want your blog added to mine (and i know you, duh!) just let me know and I'll add it again! thanks!

Monday, May 12, 2008

pictures from Mom's Day

here are the pics, as promised!

our family (taken by self-timer, not too shabby!) before dinner

bubba cleaning up (lol, we wish!)after dinner we went to the park--

the boys in their new ride, that i picked out ;)

bubba on the monkey bars--by HIMSELF! pooks watching bubba play
all the boys on the 'big' slide B and pooks coming down...
these are a couple from today...

bubba looking for his ga-ga. other than this instance, he didn't ask or talk about it all day!

pooks smiling outside, after dinner. he has 5 teeth now!

and a belly shot. *sigh* the growth is starting to get ridiculous! but, i'll take it for another healthy lil tic tac! this is 9 weeks and 2 days:

Sunday, May 11, 2008

" no no....ish...gaga ahh gone"

said bubba.

which translates to " no no fish, no ga-ga, no all gone?". today we were all cuddling in bed, being silly like we do every weekend morning. well bubba was playing with his pacifier (ga-ga....i have no clue why it calls it a gaga but he does) and threw it and it landed by the fish tank (kinda behind it) he said "uh-oh ishh" and i told him he better be careful or the fish would eat his binky. slightly un-true but we've been trying to break the binky habit for a few months now. well he kinda forgot about it and we started to get ready for our day. we got in the car to leave for IHOP and as we backed out he started screaming for his ga-ga, I reminded him that the fish had his binky and we'd have to get it later. surprisingly he calmed down.

well fast-forward a few hours when we get home, the boys are asleep in the car. we carry them in and lay them down and they stay asleep. well, when bubba wakes up he wants his binky. i said 'okay lets go get it from the fish'. imagine his surprise when he sees his binky IN the fish tank, but without the nipple part...just the handle. B and I acted super suprised that the fish had ate his ga-ga. (obviously i had cut the nipple off and put the handle in there, they didn't really eat it) he took it really well. we got what was left out and he didn't want it, he put it back in the tank. then proceeded to say ''no no no no ahh gone?

everything was fine til bedtime. he fussed for awhile then laid in bed with me watching tv for awhile. he didn't really cry or anything. he'd ask for it and i'd remind him that the fish ate it and he'd pout for a minute then be fine.

oh how I hope this works!!! cross your fingers for me!

oh and since it is Mother's Day today, Happy Mother's Day to all the mama's reading my blog!!

I had a great weekend. Yesterday B got me the double stroller that I've been wanting for the boys, and took us to the zoo! we were there for 4 hours! it was a lot of fun but no pictures because my preggo brain remembered the camera and the memory card but forgot the battery on its charger. oh well, it was fun.

today i got to sleep in, then we went to ihop for an early lunch, then ran some errands. the boys all got me a card and a new purse that i've been wanting! we got home, took a long 2.5 hour nap, woke up, B grilled chicken and i made the potatoes for supper (along with watermelon, corn and garlic bread) and then we took a long walk to the park. the boys played for awhile on the playground, we swung by DQ and all shared a peanut buster parfait and then headed home. it was after 9 when they went to bed, here's hoping they sleep in!

i will update with pictures from today, later. its late and i'm ready for bed.

buenos noches!

Friday, May 9, 2008

pics from the park tonight....

after supper tonight, we took the boys to the park to feed the ducks. we had about 1/2 loaf of stale bread and i knew bubba would get a kick out of it. which, i was right--he did! at one point i really thought the geese were going to attack us, they were getting a little close for comfort! but, we escaped unharmed. here are all the pics:

you can see the geese getting closer... bubba attempting to throw into the water...he never did make it!

afterwards we walked over to the playground.

bubba on the walk over
B and pooks on the walk
boys on the double slide

Just for clarification...

i am NOT having twins!!!

just one baby, thats all. i'm not sure how the rumor got started, but we have one healthy tic tac in there. originally i was afraid it would be twins, because i got big so fast, but NO it is not twins.

thank you!

Sneak peek...

of pook's one year pics! we went to portrait innovations for the first time and i was very pleased! in and out with pictures in hand, in less than one hour! woohoo!

these aren't the best quality because i scanned them, but you get the idea!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

YAY pooks!!!

guess who took his first steps away from the couch/entertainment center today!?


he actually pushed his ride-on bike toy! yay! he's never done anything like it before so this was a big deal for us! he may be walking in time for his bday afterall. (although honestly, i think it'll take longer)here is the short video, again sorry for the crappy quality!

didn't he do so well? even falling then pulling himself back up again...way to go pooks!!

since the video sucks, here are a few pics so you can see what he's using to walk with:

oh yeah, i almost forgot...a new belly pic. this is from today, 8weeks and 4 days....getting HUGE!!

(ignore the magnets, i forgot to change the 7 to an 8...duh!..oh well!)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

a walk down memory lane....

anyone remember this?? bubba's first steps. last time flies!!

1/2 back to normal....

well the safelite guy was able to fix our window yesterday, before it rained!!!
*insert happy dance here*
then i called our insurance regarding getting the car detailed, due to the shards of glass everywhere. my biggest concern was the glass that got into the a/c vents. when you turn the a/c on, glass shards come out...lovely right?
so insurance tells me that they will pay for the car to get detailed (with out a deductible or anything!!!) just to find a detail shop, get it done and have them send the insurance co the bill.

easier said than done. firstoff after calling 10 detail shops, no one will/can clean a/c vents and ducts. that requires removing the entire dashboard, then removing and cleaning the ducts. *sigh* well i finally found a chyrsler dealership that will do it...for $200-$400! yikes! i am SO glad i don't pay that bill! i even double checked with insurance about the amount and they said "not a problem". that is getting done tomorrow. woohoo!

in other news,

bubba is doing much better with the potty-training! he did have two accidents yesterday but both were #2's so he doesn't quite ''get'' that yet. its kind of a one step forward two steps back process.

as for pooks--he ''cruised" the entire length of the sofa today!! YAY! he pulled himself up on the end where i was sitting, the proceeded to walk (while holding on of course) to the other end, where bubba had "hidden" all his trains. lol. bubba will need to find a new hiding spot.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

UGH! I hate this place!!

My day pretty much sucked.

First off, the kids woke up at 6:25. Ridiculous.

Secondly, Pooks decided to skip his morning nap thus making him a whiner all day.

Thirdly, when we did leave the house this afternoon our goal was to go to BRU to look at strollers, then to the river walk to walk around with the kids and so they could see the ducks, then we were going to get a little ice cream, come home and I was going to make enchiladas for supper.

Here is how it really went:Went to BRU without a hitch, then went to the River walk. We only stayed about 25 mins because Pooks didn't want to sit in the wagon (thus why we're looking at strollers). We get up to our car, in the public parking lot of a popular, busy, city attraction at 4o'clock on a Sunday, to find our passenger window COMPLETELY shattered! Someone threw a BRICK through the window! Glass was everywhere, all in the car even in the backseat in the kids car seats! It was stuck in the a/c vents, all over the floor, the seats, stuck in the cracks of the other windows---everywhere. I was beyond pissed and emotional. So I call the cops and tell them that someone broke into our car, our location and she asks when it happened. I told her sometime in the last 25mins and she proceeds to tell me that she will get me a case number but unless something was stolen, they don't do anything. They don't even send an officer! Well this sent me in my pregnancy emotional state over the edge, I proceeded to cry and start to bitch to her ''what good are the cops for it they don't even come when a crime is committed? we are in super busy area, with lots of families and witnesses in a parking lot...etc" B took the phone and handled the cops. They agreed to send an officer out.

Meanwhile I had to call the insurance company, call the glass company and then start to clean the car. We had to uninstall the carseats and get all the shards of glass loose, clean off the kids seats, all of this with the brush end of our ice scraper! At and a half hours later, there was still no cop! I was fuming and we finally left. At 7pm they called us to see where we were at because they were on the scene but we weren't..DUH!

Nothing was stolen, which was surprising since the diaper bag with my wallet and cell phone were in the car (under the passenger seat), and they didn't break anything other than the window. The brick was sitting there on the passenger floor board. Luckily the glass company can come to our house and fix the car tomorrow between 8-5. PLEASE help me wish for no rain! we have no garage or carport and if it rains, they can't do it onsite. B already took the car to vaccum it out, and we put plastic over the window just incase it rains. (there is a 70% chance tomorrow afternoon for scattered thunderstorms.)

UGH, it was a long, tiring, crappy day. Actually, the river walk was fun until we got to the parking lot. Here are a few pics I took. In my crazy state I didn't think about taking pics of the car, but I wish I would have.
me and B
the boys watching the ducks (they kinda stole mom and dad's drinks)
the stupid statue we were looking at when our car got broken in to
pooks enjoying a lil' bit of Sonic