Friday, April 25, 2008

an overdue update....

i know, i've been seriously slacking with the blogging. i apologize. things have been busy and i've been tired, lol! we went back home yesterday because i was in a bunch of pain. honestly it felt like a cyst had ruptured on my left ovary. the problem is....i no longer have a left ovary. so my OB wanted me to have an ultrasound done to make sure that everything was okay. well, everything is okay! the littlest tictac looks great! ''she'' is very tiny, about the size of a grain of rice, but the heart was beating away at 116bpm. here is the very first "baby" picture:
here is a belly pic from this week as well:

bubba is still in the midst of potty training, which can be exhausting in itself. we have to ask him if he needs to go about every 30-45minutes. its working though! yesterday he pottied 10 times! all in one day!! woohoo bubba!! B even taught him how to pee standing up, which he gets a big kick out of. today was a little worse than yesterday, he had 2 ''accidents'' while nanaw was watching him. (although he knew he was pottying, he just didn't bother to go to the potty) :/

his speech seems to be getting better. the other day he told B: '' eggs?". we didn't even know that he knew how to say eggs, let alone in a sentence. he can say mama, ma, mommy and mom-although he prefers ''ma'' (he didn't get the memo that we don't live in Brooklyn apparently). he loves to tell pooks "NO" and he's beginning to say his ABC's although right now its mostly the tune of the song, not the actual letters. here is a pic from the last week:

last but not least, pooks.
pooks is....*sigh*....pooks. he is a dare devil who isn't afraid of anything, laughs when he hears the word ''NO" and enjoys eating dog food. he has 4 teeth now and is cutting one more on the top. he can pull himself up onto any and everything, he has started cruising on furniture and he knows how to fake cry, but make it sound extremely geniuine. he uses this to his advantage a few times each day. he is officially off formula (YAY!) and eats anything. i mean ANYthing. tonight for dinner he had steak, potatoes, green beans and garlic bread. yes, he can eat steak with 4 teeth. surprisingly enough he can also eat candy nerds --he hijacked his brother's candy today and chowed down. he never ceases to amaze me! here is his pic from this week:

well, thats pretty much everything to update on! enjoy :)


  1. Yep that about sums up both boys perfectly! They are adorable though. I would also like to say before uncle m does, yay jayhawks.


    P.S. Great shot of the of the little princess

  2. Boo Jayhawks...come on guys...need some cash to buy that little boy some Purple clothing? I can send you a check!!

    Big d

  3. What is up with the rock chalk shirt? Seriously - pleezeeee.....

    great writings, great photos, except the shirt - that must go!


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