Saturday, April 5, 2008

a little update on our little family...

i haven't updated in a couple days, so thought i would play catch-up for a second.

firstoff, bubba has an ear infection and allergies which basically = SNOT! everywhere. poor lil guy has even thrown up from all the drainage. he's been running a pretty constant fever and is super cuddly/clingy. obviously no pics. :(

pooks is crabby too, he is teething. both of his top two teeth have finally broken through the the same time. joy o joy, right? he's taken quite a few more bottles than usual lately, but still eats solids like a little piggy too!

b and i are (as a result of the above) TIRED! our plan for tomorrow is i will get up with the boys, b will sleep in, then i will nap with them in the afternoon and hopefully if all goes well (both with the boys and the weather) we are going to attempt to take them to the zoo. wish us luck! ;)

(on a side note if anyone knows where i can find/buy/steal (LOL) a Chicco C5 Twin Stroller, let me know. they are about $175 but I hear they are the best sidebyside strollers for the price. i need something for when we go on walks and to the zoo [normally i wear pooks but he's getting bigger and its getting hotter out] but i HATE the double strollers where they sit in front and behind. thanks in advance. donations gladly accepted! J/K!! )

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