Thursday, April 3, 2008

little miss diva... a "sara rose" tutu!!

i am good friends with another mama who makes tutu's. (in fact she has a blog too: , the addy is also in my links list to the right) well naturally when lil' miss was born i KNEW she needed a tutu. so i ordered her the teeny tiniest pink tutu i could find. stacy did a great job! here are the pics but fair warning---they are ADORABLE!

See??? weren't they adorable?? tutu by stacy, photo by me and lil' miss by Auntie S. add that all up and you get ADORABLE!!!


  1. It is SO NOT fair that I am in New York!! She is so darn adorable. What would we do if you weren't there to deliver these pictures?! You're great!

  2. Lil Miss is quite a cutie and the tutu is so cute on her. Good job Auntie S on Lil Miss and you too S ,on the photo's.


  3. Thanks so much for getting it for her! She looks so cute.. BTW thanks for taking the pics! I love them
    Auntie S


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