Sunday, April 6, 2008

fun pictures from today!

today was beautiful out, so we took the boys outside to play for awhile. we didn't go to the zoo like we had originally planned...they napped til almost 3pm and the zoo closes at 5pm (plus its a big zoo and about 1/2 hour away). there just wasn't enough time. but we did run some errands, then played outside. here are the pics, enjoy ;)

bubba pulling (a very frightened) pooks in his new wagon
"seriously ma...enough with the pictures"
just a cute pic of the boys together, all ready for their walk
this pic is an oldie (from march) but I re-did the speech bubbles. so....what do you think?

if you are surprised beyond belief...WE KNOW HOW YOU FEEL! this was definitely a pleasant surprise. all i can hear in my head is ''with the severity of your endometriosis, you'll probably never be able to have your own kids''--said by a DOCTOR. yeah, he was wrong! not to mention the 5 surgeries I've had to remove scar tissue and the fact that i have ONE ovary!?!

B and i are firm believers in ''things happen for a reason''. while we are a bit overwhelmed, we are also excited. oh, and pooks speech bubble is right...if i figured it up right, i'm due about mid December. i'll keep everyone updated as i find out more. and i BEG of you, please send me all the ''girl'' vibes that you can!


Very first belly pic....4 weeks and 1 day


  1. Congrats..................I for one will be thinking of nothing but girl vibes. I love my boys but I would really really really like a girl.Any one who knows me knows, I really like pink. It does look better on little girls than boys though. Love you all.


  2. Wow!! Congratulations! I love checking your blog, it is a great way to keep in touch with people, even long lost friends like us :) Your family is so cute. I am so excited for you!

  3. omgahhhhh i thought you told me 3 more years lol but congrats im so happy for you guys!

  4. Congrats!! One of my girlfriends was also told she would never be able to have her own kids because of her endometriosis- and she just had # 4!! And I also believe that things do happen for a reason. I haven't admitted it- but I kind of wish that we would have another one. We just don't have the room- or the funds to move. It would be nice to have another little one around. Again, Congrats!!

  5. Hello S!
    Thank you so much for the text today. What a blessing. I'm so very happy for you and B and the boys. I'm so stoked - I can't wait for #4! You are beautiful and so is the Mr. your babies are georgous - and just think about....another boy or....a girl.

    Please give the Mr. my hello's!!

  6. Whoa whoa whoa J....this is number 3! Lets not get ahead of ourselves talking about #4. Thats a bit much for me to take in right now. Yikes! But thanks, to everyone!!

  7. CONGRATS MAMA!! I am so excited for you.. I know how much you wanted a big family!!! You can always babysit for more practice of having 3.. lol.. I will send ya my girl vibes.. Hope needs a BFF!

  8. holy crap! i am so pissed i missed this! congratulations!!! this is so exciting!!!


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