Monday, March 10, 2008

we have a crawler!!

as usual, the quality sucks but you get the idea. i guess technically he is mostly moving like an inch-worm, but its more moving than he's ever done before so we're calling it crawling! today already he managed to eat an animal cracker than was under the couch, knock over B's stupid fake plant twice (it has now been put back in the closet), stole bubba's train/hotwheel/cars toy a million and one times, and opened and shut the drawer on the entertainment center. *sigh* and i thought that the house was baby proofed, HA! guess i'm going to have to watch them both like hawks now!

i also wanted to share a couple pics from over the weekend. honestly, i have some super cute ones from today but i'm to lazy to transfer them from the camera, re size them, then upload them. maybe tomorrow. but anyways, enjoy these...they are super cute and should fulfill any fixes that may be necessary! :D

bubba thinks that he is SO funny... cute!

what a peeping tom! good thing it was our house!


  1. You have the two most happiest little men that I have ever seen!! You are a good mommy and daddy!!!

    -big D

  2. How fun!!!! You are great parents!


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