Thursday, March 20, 2008


okay, so we came across the following picture of papa when he was 6 months old....
do you see the resemblence to pooks (9mos in this pic)?!

we always thought that pooks resembled papa. i'll be the first to admit, i thought it was the receding hairline, lol!! but in these pics, you can tell its more than hair. i personally see it in the smile and chin. what do you think?? obviously they are different, heck they are even different races (well at least 1/2 different) but don't they look an awful lot alike?

Oh and to the second part of this post:

and just for ''shits and giggles'' is this a pic of bubba at 10mos or pooks ''mohawked''at 10mos???

(be fair and don't scroll back up to compare!)


  1. Definitely Bubba. And so handsome to boot!

  2. Bubba. I could spot that handsome man anywhere.

  3. wow.. they do resemble eachother a lot!


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