Thursday, March 6, 2008

they are getting so big!

i think i figured out the source of my funk.

my kids are growing up WAY too fast.

pooks...ah i love him but he is going to be trouble. i can see it already. he comes off all innocent but he is a thinker. you know what he did today?? I can't even believe this:

he was laying flat on his back on the floor and proceeded to sit up simply by bending his waist. i'm not kidding either. 21 lbs, 9.5 months old and he can sit up by lifting his entire upperbody straight up. he used one hand off to the side to assist but the majority of the work was on his abs. crazy kid! he's like a muscle man!

he also played peek-a-boo by himself with me and bubba today. he would take his blankey-bear and cover his face then grin really big when we said "peek a boo". Then he'd cover his head again...he'd switch from going super slow to going really fast--like he was seeing if we could keep up! he's done it once or twice in the past but never for long periods at time.

here is a pic of him holding his own bottle; which he has done for awhile but he's never been able to do it sitting up before. usually he lays on the boppy but as you can see, he just sat up and kept going strong.
and bubba...he is talking more, understanding even more than that and is becoming so opinionated. yesterday he woke up from his nap and came out into the living room. i asked him if he has a good nap, he said "no". I asked him what he dreamed about and he said "fish". point blank just answered. today at target the cashier took his milk to scan it and bubba looked at him and said "argh!" (can we tell he likes pirates!)
its just hard i guess, seeing that my babies aren't really babies anymore :(


  1. That pooks is one smart kid, he's just a very independent boy and does things his own way. I'm telling you he's not going to even bother crawling. Why crawl when you can walk........ Kinda makes me sad as a mom to know my girl is growing up.This funk is all part of being a great mom,eventually they do things on their own.:)
    love you , nanaw

  2. In the first pic it looks like Bubba can fit the dogs head in his mouth!

  3. Are those May babies on your fridge? Your boys are so adorable.

  4. Well mam, since your boys are growing, I'm thinking.......
    A GIRL!!!


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