Thursday, March 20, 2008

so here are all the pics from the days we've missed

here are a bunch of pics. some are from our house, some from nanaw and papas house. there are some random, some cute and some silly and even some serious pics. enjoy :)

pooks riding his car with a evil little grin
my tough guy
i put pooks in his chair to have a snack so bubba won't steal it. needless to say it doesn't always work!

grumpy guys! (they were trying to watch thomas and I was interupting)

bubba and B
bubba on a digger that is by nanaws house

here are two very random pics that i took with my camera in manual mode. i'm just starting to really experiment but i love the way they turned out and i thought i would share. (these have not been editied either!)
bubba's thomas



  1. I love the picture of Bubba in his sunglasses on the digger. He looks adorable as always. I can't wait to see what Pooks' personality is like when he gets to that age. You're going to busy as usual i'm sure.

  2. cute cute cute! Love B "touch guy pic" Be careful Pooks.. your big bro is after your food! Poor Pooks..better watch his back!

  3. great pics - and that husband of yours - you are very fortunate S!! That man is in love with you and his children!


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