Saturday, March 29, 2008

happy birthday bubba!!!!

omg...bubba is officially TWO!!
on friday, which was his actual bday, we took him to red robin--which he loved! he got a sundae and they sang to him which he thought was pretty cool. he even shared with pooks, without being asked or told too.

today was the party and man-o-man did we have a full house! whew! everyone who rsvp'd, came. so total i think there were about 38 people in our house. originally we were going to have it outside but weather did no permit that. here are all the pics. i'll describe some but it would take forever to caption them all! they are also in a completely random order. i've been working on them for about an hour now and i don't care anymore. enjoy ;)

last night, enjoying a sundae at the restaurant

todays pics, starting with the cakes

it was a full house! while we were singing happy bday
Pooks with great grandma
nanaw and papa got him a train set

giving squeezies and saying ''Thanks"

bubba with an oreo mustache
pookie loves dirt cake!
pooks and papa
pooks was a mess! we literally hosed him down!
bubba with B's mom, Yeuy (pronouced YAY, its cambodian for grandma) bubba showing off his present from great grandma
pooks with great great grandmaeating dirt cake
with nanaw
opening gifts
wow, B can ride a tricycle!


  1. I'm so glad we got to be there. It was a lot of fun and very crowded. S did a great job with everything and she is a terrific mom. Also I'm very proud of my son-in-law for being such a big boy and learning how to ride a bike. Apparently they are all growing up:)
    love, nanaw

  2. Oh gosh i looks horrible in that picture with bubba.. im sad miss the the beginning of the party but omg when did pooks created that big mess with the dirt cake lol.. it was so good so i understand.! thanks for everything. hope to see ya more!

  3. What a great party! S - you and B are totally involved parents and it is so nice to see parents who really sincerly love and care about the welfare of their children. Thank you for your example to the world!


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