Monday, March 31, 2008


wow, do i have a hum-dinger of a story to tell about bubba.

let me paint a picture for you:

today we are at the grocery store and obviously i took both boys with me. well i'm on the mexican food aisle looking at taco seasoning. i was wearing pooks on me in our babyhawk and bubba was in the cart. well i'm reading the ingredients trying to make sure i don't get anything with msg when bubba starts going ''mama...AARGH" and (without looking at him) i say ''yeah bubba, ARRGH!" and he continues to go ''AARGH!!" and again without looking i say "AARGH! do you see a pirate?" and again he says ''AARGH". well as i turn around i see that the guy standing behind us (also looking at seasoning) pushing his cart the opposite direction (towards us) HAS A FREAKIN' EYE PATCH! My son is pointing at him saying ''AARGH!" over and over again, and i am condoning it by repeating it and asking if he sees a pirate! well the guy looks at bubba and says "AARGH!" to which bubba just grins and does it back. luckily the guy didn't see upset by it, honestly i think he found it funny--but talk about embarrassing! not so much that bubba kept doing it but that i did, because i wasn't paying attention. i turned beat red, grinned at the guy and just pushed our cart on...i didn't know what to say so i ran!


  1. I have to keep coming back to this and reading it because it is just so funny!

  2. Oh my goodness!!! That is great! That will be a story to tell when he is all grown!

  3. haha thats so funny and cute!!!!


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