Monday, March 31, 2008


wow, do i have a hum-dinger of a story to tell about bubba.

let me paint a picture for you:

today we are at the grocery store and obviously i took both boys with me. well i'm on the mexican food aisle looking at taco seasoning. i was wearing pooks on me in our babyhawk and bubba was in the cart. well i'm reading the ingredients trying to make sure i don't get anything with msg when bubba starts going ''mama...AARGH" and (without looking at him) i say ''yeah bubba, ARRGH!" and he continues to go ''AARGH!!" and again without looking i say "AARGH! do you see a pirate?" and again he says ''AARGH". well as i turn around i see that the guy standing behind us (also looking at seasoning) pushing his cart the opposite direction (towards us) HAS A FREAKIN' EYE PATCH! My son is pointing at him saying ''AARGH!" over and over again, and i am condoning it by repeating it and asking if he sees a pirate! well the guy looks at bubba and says "AARGH!" to which bubba just grins and does it back. luckily the guy didn't see upset by it, honestly i think he found it funny--but talk about embarrassing! not so much that bubba kept doing it but that i did, because i wasn't paying attention. i turned beat red, grinned at the guy and just pushed our cart on...i didn't know what to say so i ran!

Now and Then....

I was getting pooks dressed after his ''bubbles'' tonight, and I remembered a picture we took shortly after we moved into this house. I grabbed the camera and made B take a pic. The other pic is from Oct 24, so now he's a little over 10mos old in the bottom pic he was a little over 5 mos old. Geesh they get big fast!!
5 months ago

Saturday, March 29, 2008

happy birthday bubba!!!!

omg...bubba is officially TWO!!
on friday, which was his actual bday, we took him to red robin--which he loved! he got a sundae and they sang to him which he thought was pretty cool. he even shared with pooks, without being asked or told too.

today was the party and man-o-man did we have a full house! whew! everyone who rsvp'd, came. so total i think there were about 38 people in our house. originally we were going to have it outside but weather did no permit that. here are all the pics. i'll describe some but it would take forever to caption them all! they are also in a completely random order. i've been working on them for about an hour now and i don't care anymore. enjoy ;)

last night, enjoying a sundae at the restaurant

todays pics, starting with the cakes

it was a full house! while we were singing happy bday
Pooks with great grandma
nanaw and papa got him a train set

giving squeezies and saying ''Thanks"

bubba with an oreo mustache
pookie loves dirt cake!
pooks and papa
pooks was a mess! we literally hosed him down!
bubba with B's mom, Yeuy (pronouced YAY, its cambodian for grandma) bubba showing off his present from great grandma
pooks with great great grandmaeating dirt cake
with nanaw
opening gifts
wow, B can ride a tricycle!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Whose that kid with the Oreo cookie??

why, its pooks and bubba! the boys have been really good lately, especially considering all the running around we've been doing. so today i treated them to an oreo. they loved it! and its amazing how much mess a 10 month old can make with one oreo!

"its me, i have the oreo Mama!"

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My 100th Post!!! And Little Baby Diva is HERE!


Auntie S whom is my BFF (seriously we've been friends for literally 12 years now) HAD HER BABY!!! We will call her Baby Diva. She is the most precious little baby! Just gorgeous, smooth perfect skin, perfect little round head, 10 fingers, 10 toes, light brown hair, blue eyes---Perfect! She was born this morning and I was there! Auntie S did SO good! She was in labor for just 10 mins shy of 24 hours, but she did great! Pushed for about 20 minutes and then Baby Diva made her entrance. All 7lbs and 18 inches of her! Here are a few pics! She is just a doll!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Firstoff my little pookie went from playing on the floor to crawling over to the toybox and pulled himself up to standing. (the only other time he pulled himself up was in his pack in play a couple times, straight from sitting). And I got pictures :)

"that looks like fun!"

"i think i can do it" "look Ma, I did it!"

Secondly...and cuter, HE WAVED!! He's been doing it all day and its adorable! And I got it on video:


Here are some of our Easter pics from this morning!! enjoy ;)

bubba finding his basket pooks finding his
bubba carrying his basket
pooks showing off his yummy cheerios
bubba opening up eggs (he actually ''hunted'' them too!)
pooks opening his bag from gma phyllis
bubba checking out his goodies
pookie chowing down

bubba wasn't so sure...pooks thought the bunny was yummy!!