Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pooks said his first word!

it was "dada". :( okay, i'm not really sad but still. pooks woke up from his nap and i could hear him and bubba 'talking' back and forth. i went in their room and as i was picking up pooks, B walked in to the room. pooks looked right at him and started saying "Dada, Dada," clear as day.

I'm excited but at the same time my feelings are a little hurt. I spend 12 hours a day with him, I get him at night, but his first word was Dada. And, so was bubba's.

oh and he's been doing it ALL day since then. B feels bad. everytime pooks yells "dada", B glances at me and apologizes. *sigh*

I'm convinced that "Dada" is easier to say than "Mama".


  1. so sorry to hear that it was pooks first word too......I think your right dada is easier than mama, that would explain why your first word was dada also.


  2. it really is easier to say. My mom told me that when we were babies and she would change our diapers she would just say "mamamamama" over and over so that we would say it first.

    still i'm sorry, but they are great kids and you ARE responsible for that.


    p.s. sorry I am posting like crazy. i just got caught up on all this


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