Wednesday, February 6, 2008

"look what i can do!'

so we all know pooks is a ''chill'' kind of baby and doesn't mind just watching. he has shown no interest what-so-ever in getting into a sitting position by himself, getting up on all fours, crawling, cruising or standing. he is content to sit and watch bubba, for hours on end. the kid will just watch and laugh his little head off. so imagine my surprise when i set him down in the pack-in-play (so that i could go brush my teeth) and when i came back, he was doing this:

COMPLETE and utter shock! i have no clue how chubbs managed to go from sitting to standing while in the playpen. he didn't have anything to really grab on to, but he did it. and apparently he did it to get a better view of the tv. he wouldn't look at me for a pic either. silly boy. he CAN do things, he just doesn't feel like it....typical man!

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