Thursday, February 21, 2008

check out those baby legs!

*cat-calls* oh la la * i mean babylegs! i made them myself. my first project on my sewing machine and a easy one! they are kinda like leg warmers but for the babies. they protect pooks' lil knees while crawling, they keep their legs warm when they are hanging out in a diaper, they make diaper changing a breeze and they are cute ;)

they are an actual product ( but they are $12 per pair. Yikes! so i made our own for $6.99 total. they will work really well to cover pooks legs when i carry him in one of our carriers. his chubby little calves always end up being exposed, but not anymore.

yes bubba is wearing his thomas the tank engine underwear OVER his diaper...its a start. if he'll wear them, i'll let him.

pooks rocking the emo look as B said.

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  1. Check you out - now a seamstress. You are amazing S! And the best!!!


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