Monday, February 25, 2008

Bubba as Flo Rida, starring in "Low"

i pretty much guarantee that the following video is the most hilarious video that you have ever seen. not just on my blog but in LIFE! enjoy.

see? didn't i tell you?? he is so damn cute it makes my head spin! this all started last week when we heard the song in the car. he was sitting in his carseat with his little legs kicking the seat, bopping his head, attemping to snap his fingers--while wearing sunglasses, saying 'no no no' (which the song lyrics are ''low, low, low'' but pretty close). i just want to squeeze him! where the heck he learns this stuff is beyond me. he's always loved music and dancing but this is getting priceless! watch out Ellen, bubba is close behind! lol!


  1. That bubba is quite the little mover and shaker, is this a preview of what he's going to grow up to be doing.maybe we have a future rock star in the making.

    Love you guys,

  2. Hallerious!! S, think about getting him a harmonica. 1 Imports has great harmonicas for $8.00, if there is a music talent, embrace! Recorders are $1.00, any general store has them. Better than drums!!!! Hee hee hee


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