Friday, February 1, 2008

boys and their toys...

gosh, i can't believe how much bubba and pooks are playing together now. and somewhat surprisingly, bubba wants to share things with him! today we were at nanaw and papas house and bubba has an old elmo ride-on car there, its yellow. i already posted that we got pooks one, its white. well, i took that down to nanaws house with us. this morning bubba was riding on the white one when he stopped, got off and went over to the toybox, grabbed the old yellow one and pulled it over to where pooks was sitting, patted the seat and said ''bra bra", which is his way of saying 'brother'. so i put pooks up on it and bubba was trying to get pooks to chase him, then they were kinda doing a bumper cars was so cute. playing bumper cars

1 comment:

  1. Next to bubba, pooks looks so big!
    I know he is closing in on bubba but that makes him look the same size.
    My boys are growing up. Kinda makes me sad:(



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