Thursday, February 28, 2008

I learned the hard way...

apparently bubba can climb up the changing table all by himself.

words cannot even describe.

and yes, it had to happen with $14 a container, Cetaphil cream. Super greasy and pretty pricey.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

guess who is going potty again!?!

no, not B..haha! but if you guessed bubba you were right! (more later)

today we went to meet gma phyllis at her dr appt; she was with nanaw and aunt d but we rode down with our cousins. uncle matt and rachel came too!! it was so much fun! the kiddos got along great despite the 2.5 hour car ride and the approximately $391 speeding ticket that i got before i even left city limits! but we had a lot of fun, the kiddos had fun showing off for their nanaw's, being silly with each other and making a huge mess at lunch. (don't worry, we left a good tip!)

so anyways on to the potty news! so we're at lunch and uncle matt got up to go to the bathroom. bubba wanted to know where he was going and we said he was going "pee pee in the potty because he's a big boy. do you want to go pee pee in the potty?" to my ultimate surprise he said "uh huh" so we hauled booty to the bathroom and as I was pulling off his diaper he said "no" and shook his head. well i told him that if he went pee pee in the potty then he would get to give nanaw and uncle matt High 5's....that was the trick. he peed instantly!

long story short he did it 2 more times this evening, all for a High 5! its amazing! between the last two potty trips, his diaper was dry! its so exciting! i don't want to get TOO excited but things are looking up. :D

as for pooks, he had his 9 month check up yesterday. he is doing great! 20lbs 14oz, 27.5 inches long and his head was 18 inches around! basically he is in the 50th percentile for weight, the 25th for height and the 75th for head circumference! while he's a little uneven he is right on track for him (basically he's following the same curve he alwasys has). developmentally wise, other than crawling he is right on track. he can play peek a boo, he can put things in a container, he says 'dada', he can stand--he's just perfect (well in my opinion!).

OH! and in other exciting bubba related news--

today we were coloring and i colored with the blue crayon, asked bubba what color it was... he said ''blue''. no surprise everything to him is blue. then i colored the giraffe yellow and asked him what color the giraffe was. he pointed right to the giraffe and said "wellwhoa" aka, yellow...WHAT?! pottying and knowing his colors in one day!? how can one mom get so lucky!

Monday, February 25, 2008

bubba's latest masterpiece

on my living room wall... yep, i knew it would happen eventually but i didn't think it would happen so soon. *sigh*

Bubba as Flo Rida, starring in "Low"

i pretty much guarantee that the following video is the most hilarious video that you have ever seen. not just on my blog but in LIFE! enjoy.

see? didn't i tell you?? he is so damn cute it makes my head spin! this all started last week when we heard the song in the car. he was sitting in his carseat with his little legs kicking the seat, bopping his head, attemping to snap his fingers--while wearing sunglasses, saying 'no no no' (which the song lyrics are ''low, low, low'' but pretty close). i just want to squeeze him! where the heck he learns this stuff is beyond me. he's always loved music and dancing but this is getting priceless! watch out Ellen, bubba is close behind! lol!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

check out those baby legs!

*cat-calls* oh la la * i mean babylegs! i made them myself. my first project on my sewing machine and a easy one! they are kinda like leg warmers but for the babies. they protect pooks' lil knees while crawling, they keep their legs warm when they are hanging out in a diaper, they make diaper changing a breeze and they are cute ;)

they are an actual product ( but they are $12 per pair. Yikes! so i made our own for $6.99 total. they will work really well to cover pooks legs when i carry him in one of our carriers. his chubby little calves always end up being exposed, but not anymore.

yes bubba is wearing his thomas the tank engine underwear OVER his diaper...its a start. if he'll wear them, i'll let him.

pooks rocking the emo look as B said.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A silly group of pictures...

i know, i was suppose to get these up last night but my internet connection was being all funky. anyways, here are some pictures from the last few days. i've been so busy at work, i haven't had time to update in the evenings.

here is a pic of bubba in his new snowsuit. its a Columbia fleece body jacket. its perfect for him because he can't take it off in the shopping cart, it keeps him warm and he's still free to walk about in it. and no, i did not spend $45 on jacket for 2 year old, but I did spend $17!

now, you have to imagine him wearing the bodysuit from below, but with his navy blue oakley style sunglasses with diego on them. Adorable, right?

The next couple pictures are of pooks eating Jello. Yes its a semi-cruel snack, but once he was able to pick it up, he loved it! I say its good practice.
In this one he was really concentrating on picking up a "piece".
And just for giggles here is one of me all dressed up with no place to go ;) but i have to say i love my new outfit. every piece is from Kohls and I got a great deal on all of it. (nevermind the fact that i have NO makeup on and my hair is pulled back).

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pooks said his first word!

it was "dada". :( okay, i'm not really sad but still. pooks woke up from his nap and i could hear him and bubba 'talking' back and forth. i went in their room and as i was picking up pooks, B walked in to the room. pooks looked right at him and started saying "Dada, Dada," clear as day.

I'm excited but at the same time my feelings are a little hurt. I spend 12 hours a day with him, I get him at night, but his first word was Dada. And, so was bubba's.

oh and he's been doing it ALL day since then. B feels bad. everytime pooks yells "dada", B glances at me and apologizes. *sigh*

I'm convinced that "Dada" is easier to say than "Mama".

Saturday, February 16, 2008

the tic-tac family

in case you were wondering if a family of 4 could cram in a photo booth...the answer is "YES". now if you're wondering what family of 4 would actually cram themselves into a photo booth, that would be us. i have to say for fitting four of us on one little stool, and having 2 boys under the age of two, the pictures turned out pretty damn well. not bad for $3, not bad at all!

the artist is at it again....

here is bubba's latest masterpiece. he has moved on from scribbling and is now spiralling the crayon to make swirls. i start the bidding at $1.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

whoa...pooks like crayons too!

likes to eat them...HA HA! it never ceases to amaze me the things that kiddos can do in the time it takes an adult to pee and brush her teeth. needless to say bubba was not happy! he didn't realize that he'd left a crayon out until he saw his brother chowing down!

the evidence is all over his face...and teeth! "do i have something on my face?"


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

i know its been days....

here are updates on each of the boys. i know its been a few days, so enjoy!

bubba love love loves to color with crayons! today we never watched backyardigans, we never had to watch 'thomas the tank engine'....all he did was color. he woke up and wanted his crayons. he ate breakfast then wanted his crayons. we ran errands and first thing when we came home...he wanted his crayons. after dinner, well you get the idea. but for your viewing pleasure here is a piece from his collection :here are a few pictures of pooks yesterday...he was attempting to eat a mini oreo. he's a cutie!

pooks trying to steal his brother's oreo..."ma, these don't taste as good as they look"

"ohhh, i can almost get it...."

aww, and his little sniffly-fussy face after he ate one and wanted more...but mom said no. :(

Friday, February 8, 2008

word to nanaw...

hey woman, this is the pic we ordered of bubba. he's kinda putting on a very innocent face...we know the truth though! i picked this one because i love the way his eyes look! anyways, now ya know!(if it will let you, click to see it bigger)

It's Potty Time!!!

woohoo! this morning i asked bubba if he wanted to go "pee pee in the big potty" he said ''no''. well, i set him on it anyways and brushed his teeth, wiped off his face, etc. then we started looking at a magazine, etc. well it took about 20 mins but he went potty! so he got to put on his "Cars" pull ups. i then moved his little potty into the living room and reminded him that if he was going to potty to do it on his elmo potty and not on the cars. well, a little while later he tugged at himself and said ''ma" so I put him on the potty and he went again! the great thing is he didn't even want a sticker or m&m's! after lunch and before his nap i asked him again and he said 'no' but i put him on the reg. potty anyways and he went again right away. i'm so proud of him!! now *hopefully* he'll keep going on the potty and he'll be potty trained by his birthday (thats my goal.) woohoo!! here are some pics...

hmmm...i wonder where he learned this from ;)

even while on the potty, he can cheese it up for a picture! silly boy!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

the rest of the valentine's day photoshoot.....

pooks in his ''single & lovin' it" shirt
bubba in a personal ad shirt. it reads ''i love chocolate cake, saturday morning cartoons and quick spins on the merri go round"
together...sorta, bubba wasn't feeling it
pooks happy and smilin with his new toofers
a silly one of bubba, shows his mischevious side for sure!

"look what i can do!'

so we all know pooks is a ''chill'' kind of baby and doesn't mind just watching. he has shown no interest what-so-ever in getting into a sitting position by himself, getting up on all fours, crawling, cruising or standing. he is content to sit and watch bubba, for hours on end. the kid will just watch and laugh his little head off. so imagine my surprise when i set him down in the pack-in-play (so that i could go brush my teeth) and when i came back, he was doing this:

COMPLETE and utter shock! i have no clue how chubbs managed to go from sitting to standing while in the playpen. he didn't have anything to really grab on to, but he did it. and apparently he did it to get a better view of the tv. he wouldn't look at me for a pic either. silly boy. he CAN do things, he just doesn't feel like it....typical man!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Just a few pics because I can!

bubba being mischevious (a preview of a certain someones Vday gift)

yes, he's crying and that is sad....but do you see those teeth!?

pooks so excited about eating colored goldfish

*another preview for Vday*

looking crazy eating the goldfish (above and below)

Bubba showing off his "milky". To who? I have no clue!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

drum roll please....

pooks is on top, bubba in beneath! thanks for playing ;)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

did they look alike!?

i just had someone ask me if the boys looked alot alike when they were newborns. my immediate thought was "No, not at all." but as i was looking at pics i realized that while their eyes are completely different shapes, their other features were/are very similar. so i found two pictures. one of bubba and one of pooks, in both pics the boys are about 3 days old. can you see all the similarities? can you tell who is who? (and it doesn't count if you can tell because of the carseat or outfit!)

Friday, February 1, 2008

boys and their toys...

gosh, i can't believe how much bubba and pooks are playing together now. and somewhat surprisingly, bubba wants to share things with him! today we were at nanaw and papas house and bubba has an old elmo ride-on car there, its yellow. i already posted that we got pooks one, its white. well, i took that down to nanaws house with us. this morning bubba was riding on the white one when he stopped, got off and went over to the toybox, grabbed the old yellow one and pulled it over to where pooks was sitting, patted the seat and said ''bra bra", which is his way of saying 'brother'. so i put pooks up on it and bubba was trying to get pooks to chase him, then they were kinda doing a bumper cars was so cute. playing bumper cars