Tuesday, January 8, 2008

since i've been harrassed....

here are some recent pics. they are all from the other night. they range from pooks eating, to the boys dancing and then there are a couple nakey booty shots! enjoy!

pooks eating ham. not easy with no teeth.
bubba showing offpooks getting his gums brushed. he loves it!
dancing to the Backyardigan's
Doing the robot? (its blurry but SO cute!)"hey, i can take this off?!?"
"No Mama, no no no!" (and I quote)

what a view! trying to cover the booty back up!pooks waiting for his bath


  1. I told your dad I was going to check to see if you updated,since you have been saying you need to.To my delight you did and they are absolutely adorable as usual.Can't wait til this weekend!!I have lot's of cheek kissin to do.
    Love you guys!

  2. Okay, what's up with the KU bib...hope he threw up on it!!

    Love the new pics!!


  3. KU?????????????? What's up with that???????????? Oh I"m so sorry!

    ....great photos...keep em coming!


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