Wednesday, January 30, 2008

a serious post...seriously, i'm not kidding. seriously.

first off, no pics for today. secondly, i'm feeling sentimental so this is a rambling kinda post about family and grandparents. enjoy getting a peak into my head ;)

today we stopped at great-nanaw phyllis' and great great nanaw byers house on the way down to my parents house. the boys did SO good on the drive, we didn't even have to watch the Backyardigans! whew! the nanaws spoil them rotten and love them to death so i knew they wouldn't have any problems watching them for a bit while i went over to my papas house. nanaw phyllis was worried but they did great. bubba didn't cry at all, which is awesome for him! of course they couldn't get over how big pooks was getting, how much hair he had, etc.

i am so glad that the boys love and are so close with their grandparents. it means so much to me, and i know it will mean a lot to them when they are a bit older. i loved having so many grandparents ( i seriously had 10 grandparents/great grandparents growing up) and i loved having them so close. while the number is a little smaller nowadays, i still love it. i feel bad because work, money, life, etc all get in the way sometimes and i feel like i don't visit as often as i should, but i love the time that i do get with each of them! even if its just visiting with papa barry for an hour like today, or taking nanaw phyllis to a doctors appt---i just love it and i can't wait for my kids to realize how special that is!

right now, just on my side of the family, they have nanaw, papa, 2 great papas, 2 great grandmas, and 2 great great grandmas! usually no more than 2 months go by before we visit or they visit, not counting phone calls and such. we try to go down every single holiday and some birthdays, and i am just so grateful! i just wish they all had internet to read/see my blog! the boys of course don't really 'get' it right now. although bubba is slowly starting to realize that he has a lot of nanaws!

he is really starting to adjust better with B's family too. i really think its just the language barrier that intimidates them. while they don't understand much english, and they don't understand any cambodian, i think that they do recognize the difference and are a little hesitant at first because of it. now that we live in the same town where B's parents and most of his siblings live, thats helped tremendously. i am just so glad and so fortunate to be surrounded by family! seriously, in 2 hours or less i can be at any of my grandparents house, my parents house, my inlaws house, several of my aunts/uncles/cousins houses...heck even my brother! its just great!

anyways, i hope you enjoyed my moment. now call your grandmas/grandpas!! seriously :)

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