Sunday, January 27, 2008

i know, i know 3 posts in one day!?

you're probably thinking that i've gone mad or i have no life. i assure you that neither is true, i just have a lot of cute stuff to share! the latest news, that required yet ANOTHER post for today is.....POOKS HAS A TOOTH!!! his very first tooth! he is over 8 months old, but it finally popped through! its just barely out of the gum line but its cute! it also explains why he has been fussy the last two days. pooks is NEVER fussy unless he's hungry. its the bottom tooth on the left (if you're looking at him) and i'll get a picture just as soon as i can. i noticed it while he was in the tub and bubba accidentally hit him in the head with a measuring cup. needless to say, pooks started screaming and i saw the tooth! whoohoo!

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  1. Amazing - the little things we love in life!


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