Saturday, January 26, 2008

How you can tell Nanaw was here....

you know that nanaw and papa we're here visiting when bubba gets a chocolate iced with sprinkles krispy kreme donut for breakfast! that never happens with mom...the 'junkiest' thing he gets then is captain crunch!

(do we like the effects on the pic? i was playing around with or no?)

here are a couple other pics of bubba that i thought were cute. these are from friday. i was in the bedroom changing pooks and came into the living room, hearing bubba saying 'dada'....this is what he was doing:

in other news, pooks is starting to become mobile. you're probably thinking ''oh he started crawling/cruising/walking?" but you'd be wrong. while sitting, he proceeds to put his hands down in front of him on the floor (between his legs) and pull himself forward. so essentially, he is scooting around on his booty. he can move a good 5 or 6 feet at a time. he just started a couple days ago, on the tile and now is doing it on the carpet. nanaw and papa got to see this too! however i did not get a pic yet, but will shortly. i think thats all thats new around here...more later!

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  1. Isn't he a lucky boy to have his nanaw come and visit! That way he gets to have special treats for breakfast(donuts,cookies etc.) I can vouch for pooks being able to scoot quite well. Can't tell you how many times I had to move my drink so he wouldn't get it.Although I did let him have a small taste and he did enjoy it. Thanks for a very fun visit.
    Love you guys!


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