Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Have YOU seen this toy??

this is bubba's ''bear''. yes, its a blue puppy-we wont go there. the real question is do you have one? have you seen one? bubba LOVES LOVES LOVES this toy, he has to have it to sleep, in the car and any other time he doesn't feel good, is nervous, or scared. the problem is, bear has been the ringer a few too many times. he is suppose to play music, but thats worn out. his pull handle on his tail broke off, which is minor. he has been restuffed, he's been washed, he's gotten an un-intentional bath a few times (seriously, in the bath tub). oh yeah, did i mention that we used to have more than one?! i bought a couple when target had them on clearance over a year ago. the first original bear, stopped playing music a long time ago, he lost most of his stuffing and an eye. i used to have to bang it against the floor for the music to play and even then it played for about 2 seconds. he is in bubba's memory box. we had another one that i have no clue what happened to it or where it is currently residing. needless to say, mama could really use another bear for backup. this one is kinda on its last leg and i've run out of options. especially now that bubba can pull the tail on his own, which he does when he gets tired, but isn't working out so well now that the music isn't playing very well. HELP! if you have this, know someone who has it, saw it at goodwill, see a kid in a store with it....get it! i will pay you for it, i promise. my blog readers--help me out! let me know if you find one!

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  1. Check it out - great nice new photos and site. You are the bomb S!


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