Thursday, January 17, 2008

Breakfast at the TicTacs....

wow. as the boys get older, everything gets alot more interesting, and messier. this morning i made pooks oatmeal...which he refused to eat because he is apparently on an all cheerio diet. he screamed and spit out the banana oatmeal but he scarfed down cheerios. well, all of them except the one stuck to his nose, that he didn't know about. it actually stuck to his face the entire time he ate, about 20 minutes. which, bubba in turn found hilarious.

meanwhile, while pooks was hamming it up with food all over his face. bubba proceeded to eat all of pooks "'Noooo', aka ''snow''. I guess when you're a toddler, a bowl of oatmeal looks like a bowl of snow. He proceeded to eat every bite, while saying ''hmm....noooo'' after each bite. i managed to get a pic, but its kinda blurry. and yes, he is eating it with a baby spoon. and yes, its running down his face. **these boys are crazy, but i wouldn't have it any other way :D **

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  1. Love the pics - you are the best mom S!!! I'm ready for addition # 3 to your family - maybe a little girl this time - oh man, two older brothers - YIKES!!!


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