Tuesday, December 4, 2007

fun pics

just thought I would share a couple pics. these are all from about 20mins ago, lol. here are a couple of the boys in the bath tonight. isn't pooks sitting up SO well?? he's only 6.5months! bubbas newest thing is to put his whole face in the water and blow bubbles. hence the water running out of his nose!

i was at walgreens earlier and they had these antlers for 1.99. i thought they were so cute! i only bought one pair, because i know bubba, and i know that even if he has them on his head, he's still steal pooks too! this first pic, needs captions!! the looks on their faces are priceless! pooks is just adorable. he's at the age where he now just hams it up in front of the computer. then there is just a cute on of me and pooks. i tried to get one with bubba but he wouldn't sit still with me...oh well! maybe next time!

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