Tuesday, November 27, 2007


well it feels like forever since i last posted! sorry about the wait, with trips 'home', thanksving, drama, new car shopping, black friday, so on and so forth....we've been busy!

thanksgiving has come and gone and winter is here. we had our first snow last weekend, bubba was SO flippin' excited even though it was completely melted by noon. pooks is sitting up by himself now, weighing in at 18lbs 10oz. its great because now that he is a little older, him and bubba are starting to really interact. its amazing how much pooks looks up to him already. today we took pics for the Christmas cards, so friends and family, watch out! you'll soon have a holiday card with bubba and pooks!

in other news, we are getting a new car! holla! its about dang time, i hate the explorer. we're getting a Chrysler Pacifica on Thursday...it'll be either blue or silver, they are pretty sharp looking. it'll seat 6 people, have airbags in all 3 rows and is more fuel efficient since its a crossover. IT IS NOT A MINIVAN:) its a SUV but lower like a sedan, hence a crossover :)
anywho, on to the pics:

pooks in his sweater, all ready for thanksgiving

papa and bubba patiently waiting for dinner!

nana attacking pooks with a kiss

5 Generations!!!!
an 07 Chrysler Pacifica, in case you don't know!


  1. You have such a beautiful set of boys... now, an awesome Pacifica... you are one lucky chicklet!!


  2. Whoa woman - nice ride!


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