Sunday, November 18, 2007

my kids...

...are growing up too fast!!!

pooks is 6 months old today. thats half a year. thats terrifying. i remember finding out i was pregnant again and it feels like yesterday. he had his first stage two baby food yesterday. he is starting to get really good at sitting up. he knows how to drink out of a sippy cup. he weighs almost 19lbs.

bubba got his first 'big boy' haircut today at the barber shop. the barber used clippers and i think i was more afraid than bubba was. he talks. all. the. time. he loves and recognizes football-even if its on the radio. he says no, and means it. he says cheese and smiles. he can spot a digger from a mile away. (seriously, even if its a mile away)he knows where his 'bell-bows' are. he can point out things that are blue.

i feel like my babies are no longer babies.


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  1. Well Ms Shannon - how about another baby!!! I think that would be the answer!


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