Thursday, November 1, 2007

More pics...

we went to nana and papa's for halloween. here are a few pics. bubba wore his costume almost all day, pooks however wore his for a total of maybe 3 minutes...added up over the whole day! he was not being a skunk, that was that, so no more skunk pics :(

bubba however decided that this trick or treating thing was pretty frickin' cool. he did not like when trick or treaters knocked on the door...he hated seeing nana give away candy to whackjobs in costumes. so we decided to take him to a couple houses....he caught on quick! suddenly this was a good idea and he had it down. he would even try to say 'trick or treat' although it came out more like 'it-teet', he did try. he also would say it while knocking (slapping) the door or ringing the bell. then when the person opened the door, he just held up his bucket, got his candy, then said 'thanks' and 'bye guys' while walking off. it was SO SO SO cute! i'm pretty sure he had WAY too much candy for someone his size but its only one day out of the year.

anywho, thats all for the boys. i should get some pics that a graphic artist who works in my dad's building took, i'll update when i can. jim managed to get both boys-smiling-TOGETHER-in one pic. can't wait to get it!!! well, here are a couple i did get:
bubba with his loot:

sharing a sucker with his baby brother:

bubba is a rockstar, he can play with both hands at the sametime, by himself!:
hmm....pooks pretending to be bubba?:

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