Wednesday, October 24, 2007

proud momma day!!

i love my kids.

they are growing up SO flipping fast! pooks is on solids now, slowly but surely. so far he has loved everything he's tried. cereal, bananas, pears, and even PEAS! tonight he tried it, and he liked it...a whole jar of it! he's also now able to stay sitting up if you sit him. obviously he's can't sit all by himself but he is sitting. so that deserves a YAY POOKS!!!

now onto bubba's 'i make mommy proud' moment. HE USED THE POTTY 5 TIMES TODAY! we just started introducing it yesterday. we try to get him to use it before and after his bath. well, last night he peed before and after his bath! that was impressive but today was way better. he went this morning, and he prompted it. i was doing my make up and peeing, when he started to sit on it, so i took off his diaper. he pee'd and earned himself a handful of m&m's. then later we were at my mother-in-law's house and he started grabbing the front of his diaper. so i rushed him to the bathroom and he went, in the big potty! he then went 3 more times tonight!! i am so excited its not even funny! i am **beaming**!!!!
here are the pics:
bubba eating his oatmeal this morning!

pooks eating oatmeal this morning!

pooks sitting up and making faces at mommy!

sitting up playing with his brother!

So proud to use his potty! he even gave elmo a high-5! ''mom, seriously i'm trying to eat my peas''
i love peas!

pooks tackled him yesterday!
got 'em again today!

Thanks for looking!!


  1. Pooks brown eyes are so BIG and beautiful... I can't wait to see him!!

  2. Do you boys ever cry?? They always seem so happy!!!



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