Saturday, October 27, 2007

a preview of things to come...

bubba is a monkey
pooks is my lil' stinker, a skunk

a monkey who loves airplanes!

a 'deer in the headlights look' on a skunk?!

skunk vs. monkey....skunk wins!!

pooks and i

Well, as you can see I dug out the boys costumes today. I tried so hard to get a good pic of both boys together, that didn't happen (unless you count the tackle pic, which may have been staged) so we'll have to try again later. I also want to get a pic of the whole family together, but that's easier said that done when you have 2 under 2! especially outside when a certain 'monkey' gets easily distracted by airplanes and you live in the 'air capital of the world (off topic, but is that even something to brag about?!). anywho, i'm sure that there will be more Halloween pics to come. i still have to capture my monkey long enough to get a picture of us together!


  1. Those cotumes are pretty freakin adorable... although Brandon was rooting for the hot-dog in a bun... I can't wait to see the little guys in less than 2 wks!!!

    Love you guys, ur sis

  2. How sweet. You rock Shannon! Great kids, great parents - what more can you want??? Well, how about a little sister!!! WHOPP WHOPP!!!


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