Monday, October 22, 2007

Busy Busy Weekend!

whew, we had a very busy weekend! we went to nanaw and papa's house this weekend (well fri-mon). while there we visited with nanaw and papa (of course!), matt and rachel were there too. basically the boys were spoiled rotten the whole time...hmm, imagine that! we took them to the pumpkin patch on saturday. it was a gorgeous day and i think we all had fun. bubba was a little sleepy, so that translates to grumpy in the pics. pooks slept some of the time, but was awake for the most part. we were going to go on a hayrack ride and pick our own pumpkins, but it was going to be over 45mins, and with two babies, thats just too long to wait for a stinkin' pumpkin. anyways, here are the pics. some are from the pumpkin patch, some are from nanaws and papa's. enjoy!
pooks and mommy:

mommy and her boys:

rachel and nanaw helping bubba pick a pumpkin out:


  1. What fun!! You are blessed!

  2. They are so cute!!

  3. I just love that little turkey....



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