Saturday, September 1, 2007

Movin' on up....

i don't think i ever blogged about B putting in for a promotion, but he did, about a month ago. we've been nervously waiting for news and its in: he got the job! no phone interview, no interview period--just referral and word of mouth, but he got it! its going to help out SO much; financially and with his happiness. the only downside is it's in another city, so we're going to be moving :(

i'm not gonna lie, its going to be hard for all of us. i hate change, good or bad. i've never lived that far from home, i've never lived in a 'city', the list goes on and on. but the good news is the pay, we get to get a new place which means i'll get to redecorate a little, the pay, and its change. i think it'll do us all a little good to start fresh as our new little family. so, that's the update!

now on to today!
we went to visit my brother matt and his girlfriend rachel. we talked, ate lunch and shopped---always a good day in my book! we bought the boys their Halloween costumes; pooks is going to be a skunk and bubba is going to be a monkey. their costumes are adorable! i can't wait for halloween, its my favorite holiday. among other things we also bought them matching baseball caps. i managed to catch a pic with both boys and their hats...its still in the store, but its a good picture so i don't care! i think its the only picture we have of me and both boys. so cute!

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