Sunday, August 12, 2007

wow! that lasted long...

so i am no longer a working girl! i know i know, i was employed for a whopping 11 days, working a total of 8 shifts but i just couldn't do it.

i won't even get into all the mgmt/schedule crap that was an issue. the main problem was i worked 5-6 hours without breastfeeding or pumping and my milk supply was dropping--fast! ultimately breastfeeding is more important. i'm not going to give pooks formula because my supply dried up, because i was working; then use my paycheck to buy the formula i wouldn't even need if i wasn't working. hypothetically, if i had continued working i would have ended up switching pooks to formula, which would cost a total of almost $165/month. i only make a little over $500. So is it worth $300 a month to be away from the boys and B 5 nights a week? i think not. so not only did i quit but i didn't give a two weeks notice either. that would kinda defeat the purpose of keeping my milk supply up, if i let it dry up the next 2 weeks.

oh well. i'll enjoy giving the boys baths, going on walks, and actually seeing my hubby for more than 5 mins a day!

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  1. Congrats to you Shannon, great decision, I"m really proud of you, great decision. I wish more mom's would be at home with their children, for a variety of reasons. I support you and I'm proud of you!


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