Friday, August 3, 2007

Working girl...

well, i took the plunge and got a part time job in the evenings. its a pud job, really easy and laid back. i work from 6pm-11 so bubba and pooks don't have to go to daycare. yesterday was my first day, and it went pretty good. tonight the job got easier but being away from the kids started to hit home. i know its only 5 hours and they go to bed around 8pm but still. i don't get to bathe them, i don't get to do our usual baby massage with pooks or read bubba a story. i get to help retarded customers with attitude problems. woohoo.

plus i don't get any time with B. i literally walk out the door less than five minutes after he walked through it. i ramble off the last time pooks ate, tell him whats for dinner and what the status is on that, kiss the boys, kiss him and i'm out the door. he's done great though. i come home to a cleaned up house, the boys are asleep and i don't have to worry about doing anything before i go to bed. he even waits up for me! its nice, but i told him to catch some zzz's while he has the chance ;)

as for pooks and bubba, they are cuter than yesterday! pooks is really starting to smile, grin, laugh and babble. he just 'talks' and talks. the best time is right after a bottle...he is so happy and content he'll just grin. its so cute! i got some really great pics today but i'm too lazy to upload them onto the computer right now. maybe tomorrow.

bubba, man does he keep me on my toes! today while i was changing pooks diaper, bubba stuck his finger in the electrical outlet. he didn't get hurt, but it scared the hell out of him. he came running to me holding his little hand, and whining. when we came out to the living room he kept pointing at the outlet and grunting. poor kid. the outlet cover was right there on the floor. i don't know if B or i forgot to put it back in, or if he got it out. the little explorer, i'll have to really keep an eye on him around that outlet!

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