Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Well, tell me how you really feel!

lol. this is how i found pooks when he was napping this afternoon. i went in to check on him and saw him flipping me off; so what did i do....grabbed the camera! he cracks me up. obviously he has no clue, i'm pretty sure his finger just got caught while stretching but still, it was cute. ironically enough i think this is the third pic we have of him flipping us off...hmm.

on another note, today bubba is officially 17 months old! i can't believe that one of my babies is almost a year and a half old! yikes! they grow so quick! below is a pic of bubba in the tub tonight. we just got done brushing his teeth, but he was still saying 'aaaahhhhh'. he LOVES to brush his teeth. (boy did we get lucky!)

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