Saturday, August 25, 2007

this is a test...

my mom says that the boys look completely different, blah blah blah. i know they don't look the exact same, but i think they have ALOT of similarites, especially now that pooks is getting a lil bigger. so my blog readers, i need your help. in the following pic, who is bubba and who is pooks?? can you tell? one is pooks just the other day, and one is of bubba at the same age, last year. just leave me a comment on this blog of who is on the right, and who is on the left.
lastly, as long as i'm testing people....this is the test to see if my mom actually reads my blog like she says that she does. i know if she knows the the following pic is posted on the internet, i'll get a phone call.



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  2. Haha, Great test! I know who is who... and bet it takes her days to see the pic, but when she does you better be ready to take it off. lol... ;)
    What did you think of the new color? and who do you think this is?

  3. Let's see...I think the first comment is from Dana...I think. If it is, send me an email and I'll explain the nicknames.

    The second message I am assuming is my Dad. It could be Shawn, but my gut says that its my Dad. Am I right??

  4. Pooks is on the left and Bubba on the right, right?

  5. Alright, for the answer!!

    Bubba is on the left, in the excersaucer; Pooks is on the right on the floor. For those who didn't know, Bubba is older (he is now 17mos!).

    Thanks for playing!!


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