Saturday, August 11, 2007

my little stuntman...

today bubba woke up at 5am. i convinced him to cuddle with me til almost 7, but he wouldn't sleep. he'd play peekaboo, he looked out the window, he'd bark like a dog...all while laying in bed, but he wouldn't sleep. therefore, i couldn't sleep because he could fall off. well naturally, i assumed since he had been up so early he would be kinda tired today.


really wrong.

i fed him breakfast and started his seasame st. dvd so i could hop in the shower. he's blocked off in the living room and can't get into anything, so it works great for about 10min. (pooks was asleep in his crib). well when i got out of the shower, bubba was standing against the back of the loveseat looking out the front window. he's never climbed up on the loveseat by himself before. but there he was bouncing around, listening to his dvd, on the seat. so i set him down, he crawled right back up again. i finally distracted him singing and being silly. for about 1.5 hours.

for lunch i made him a PBJ. while i was cutting it into 'fingers' i could hear him banging some plastic thing; but when i looked into the living bubba. so i call for him, and i hear the hitting the noise. i look over to find that he has pulled out the chair to the kitchen table, climbed up on it and is sitting on his knees infront of the laptop, banging on the keys. about gave me a heart attack! in one day, where he should have been completely out of energy, he managed to climb on to EVERYTHING!

so my question for the day is, how the heck do you babyproof a loveseat??

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  1. Great story! Love the experiences and the photo! The boy is growing up!...and to are blessed Shannon!


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