Sunday, August 19, 2007

Busy, Long Weekend...

we had a very busy end of the week! B had to go out of town for work on Thurs and we decided to all go. free stay in the Hyatt regency on the river, why not go?? it was the pooks' first time staying the night somewhere other than at home and first time in a hotel. it was a first for both of them going swimming, and bubba thought that he was hot stuff sleeping in the middle of the king size bed with mom and dad. B's trip down there turned even more exciting when he bought a motorcycle. he's been wanting one since he got back from iraq, and since he resigned with the reserves, he used part of the bonus to buy his dream bike. its a Honda Shadow 750---a cruiser bike not a 'crotch rocket'. its nice. bubba is scared to death of it. it bawls every time B get on it/rides it. poor kid.

as far as the boys, they are both doing great. bubba is starting to throw more temper tantrums, which i guess is to be expected. pooks is really starting to talk, smile, giggle and squeal. they both did super in the long car ride, they even slept the entire way home!

well, here are some pics from this weekend.

*the boys are ready to go swimming!*

*won't bubba love this pic when he's older?*

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  1. Great photo! He's going to love those Hooters.....girls!


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