Saturday, July 14, 2007

Trying something new...

well, here i am with a blog. who would have thought, right? i figure i'm a talkative person, why not write it down and give B's ears a break for once ;)
today was a good day. not a great day, but not a bad day. it started out rough enough (5:20am!) but only got better as the day went along. i dropped bubba and pooks off at nana's so that i could mow our football-field of a yard. haven't done that in awhile, let alone is 90 degrees so it was a little exhausting; especially after getting a total of maybe 5 hours sleep. i think exhaustion is starting to set in. with B being gone and bubba being so curious...he's such a toddler...its hard to keep up!

this morning bubba discovered that he could walk on his tip toes. this was SO cute and apparently extremely entertaining to a 15 month old. he would walk, look at his toes, look at me, smile, laugh, walk on tip toes. this lasted until i put his shoes on. he hasn't yet realized he can still do it with shoes on.

less entertaining, but an accomplishment nonetheless, pooks cried real tears for the first time today. :( he was 'starving' and started to cry...imagine my surprise when i picked him up and found tears running down his face. my baby is no longer my lil newborn jellybean. he's growing up.

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