Thursday, July 19, 2007

SUPERMOM to the rescue....

today bubba made me feel like a superhero. it was one of those moments where you suddenly realized 'this is why i stay at home. this is was being a mom is. so i got less than 5 hours of sleep last night, who cares. my son thinks i am awesome.' and it felt great!

i bought bubba a cute lil tee the other day, this morning he wore it for the first time. it had been on all of 1 min and he kept shrugging his shoulders and scratching the back of his neck. i said 'bubba is that tag making you all itchy?' he just stared (i always talk to him like he understands) so i had him sit up on the counter so i could cut the tags out, said 'there ya go' and i put him back down on the floor. he shrugged his shoulders again, felt the back of his neck then smiled, said 'Yayyy', clapped and then ran up and hugged both of my legs.

***insert 'awww' here***

it literally melted my heart, made me feel all warm and gooey inside. i've been in a great mood all day. i think its the first time that he truly displayed his appreciation of me. i love my kids so much. sometimes i wonder if staying at home is what i really want or if its just what i do. its what i want. i've known that all along but today proved it. i love my bubba and i love pooks. (who slept ALL day btw!) :)

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