Monday, July 30, 2007

a good day...yay!

today was another good day. the boys didn't get up til 9am (WOOHOO!). we ran several errands and they both did great, even though it was raining outside all morning.

its amazing how much a toddlers brain is like a sponge. i swear he learns so much everyday. bubba has started to say 'outside' and its so cute! he also can now point to body parts when asked. for some reason he loves his ears...who knows why but he can't wait for you to say 'where is your ear?' he points and laughs. i've got him trained too; if you say 'shh, the baby's sleeping.' he'll put his little finger to his lips and say 'shhh', all while grinning of course!

pooks is amazing. i forget that he's only 2 months old. he's now in a phase where he loves to stand/ put weight on his legs. you try to burp him, he trys to stand. you try to set him in the bouncer, he trys to stand. he is so interested in watching bubba play, dance, yell, etc. i can't help but wonder what he thinks of everything. at his 2 month check up the lil chunker weighed 12lb12oz and was 22.5 inches long. he sure is growing! he's doubled his birth weight in less than 2 months. i guess mommas milk does his body good!

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