Monday, July 30, 2007

a good day...yay!

today was another good day. the boys didn't get up til 9am (WOOHOO!). we ran several errands and they both did great, even though it was raining outside all morning.

its amazing how much a toddlers brain is like a sponge. i swear he learns so much everyday. bubba has started to say 'outside' and its so cute! he also can now point to body parts when asked. for some reason he loves his ears...who knows why but he can't wait for you to say 'where is your ear?' he points and laughs. i've got him trained too; if you say 'shh, the baby's sleeping.' he'll put his little finger to his lips and say 'shhh', all while grinning of course!

pooks is amazing. i forget that he's only 2 months old. he's now in a phase where he loves to stand/ put weight on his legs. you try to burp him, he trys to stand. you try to set him in the bouncer, he trys to stand. he is so interested in watching bubba play, dance, yell, etc. i can't help but wonder what he thinks of everything. at his 2 month check up the lil chunker weighed 12lb12oz and was 22.5 inches long. he sure is growing! he's doubled his birth weight in less than 2 months. i guess mommas milk does his body good!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I'm starting to see a trend...

apparently he is just exhausted all the time! today i was talking on my cell to my mom and bubba got out his phone to talk too. he laid down underneath my chair and he fell asleep! for over 30 mins he slept on the floor, underneath a chair. until he went to roll over and woke himself i love this kid! he cracks me up.
as for pooks, he's smiling so much lately. the problem is catching it on camera. he's all grins and giggles but turns completely stone-faced when he sees the camera light. the little booger. bubba hamms it up, pooks tones it down. silly little babies. for two brothers they are so different! personalities, looks, schedules...everything! hopefully they'll still be close as they get older!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

SUPERMOM to the rescue....

today bubba made me feel like a superhero. it was one of those moments where you suddenly realized 'this is why i stay at home. this is was being a mom is. so i got less than 5 hours of sleep last night, who cares. my son thinks i am awesome.' and it felt great!

i bought bubba a cute lil tee the other day, this morning he wore it for the first time. it had been on all of 1 min and he kept shrugging his shoulders and scratching the back of his neck. i said 'bubba is that tag making you all itchy?' he just stared (i always talk to him like he understands) so i had him sit up on the counter so i could cut the tags out, said 'there ya go' and i put him back down on the floor. he shrugged his shoulders again, felt the back of his neck then smiled, said 'Yayyy', clapped and then ran up and hugged both of my legs.

***insert 'awww' here***

it literally melted my heart, made me feel all warm and gooey inside. i've been in a great mood all day. i think its the first time that he truly displayed his appreciation of me. i love my kids so much. sometimes i wonder if staying at home is what i really want or if its just what i do. its what i want. i've known that all along but today proved it. i love my bubba and i love pooks. (who slept ALL day btw!) :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It happened...

i have been WAITING for this to happen. i just think it is so cute. today bubba literally wore himself out playing. to the point where his exhaustion landed him a nap on the living room floor. he slept on the floor like this for about 45min. when he woke up his expression read "what the hell?''. he just kept looking around, it was priceless.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Another day, another milestone met! (for each boy!)

today was a great day! we never even left the house-hell, I never even changed out of my pj's! I did get the boys dressed though :) so i'm not a total slacker. oh the joys of being a sahm! they each took 2 naps today! woohoo! that made it a great day in my book. I was able to clean up the house, get online, watch a little tv and make supper.

anyways....the milestones:
bubba used his fork today!! like really actually used it, not just tried or pretended. I made shephard's pie, gave him his own plate (which he would normally just throw) and his metal fork. he went to town! I should have got a pic, but I didn't. it was a huge helping for such a little guy, but he managed to eat all of it. Mom, Dad and Matt came over too, so he received praise from all of us. hopefully this will encourage him to keep it up! he was mess afterwards but adorable nonetheless!

as for pooks, i think he must be going through a growth spurt. he eats 4-5oz then sleeps. sleeps for 3-4 hours then wakes to eat again. he was actually to the point where he was napping throughout the day, but now he's back to sleeping all day. i weighed him after his bath (well, i weighed me then weighed me holding him) the difference was 13.5lbs! i couldn't believe it. that means in less than 2 months, he doubled his birth weight!

during the short time that he was awake, he giggled for the first time!! he was laying in the pack in play, watching the mobile of bears and just started giggling. it was so cute! kicking his little feet, cooing and then a giggle!

well, pooks is hungry...imagine that! time to feed the lil' booger.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Trying something new...

well, here i am with a blog. who would have thought, right? i figure i'm a talkative person, why not write it down and give B's ears a break for once ;)
today was a good day. not a great day, but not a bad day. it started out rough enough (5:20am!) but only got better as the day went along. i dropped bubba and pooks off at nana's so that i could mow our football-field of a yard. haven't done that in awhile, let alone is 90 degrees so it was a little exhausting; especially after getting a total of maybe 5 hours sleep. i think exhaustion is starting to set in. with B being gone and bubba being so curious...he's such a toddler...its hard to keep up!

this morning bubba discovered that he could walk on his tip toes. this was SO cute and apparently extremely entertaining to a 15 month old. he would walk, look at his toes, look at me, smile, laugh, walk on tip toes. this lasted until i put his shoes on. he hasn't yet realized he can still do it with shoes on.

less entertaining, but an accomplishment nonetheless, pooks cried real tears for the first time today. :( he was 'starving' and started to cry...imagine my surprise when i picked him up and found tears running down his face. my baby is no longer my lil newborn jellybean. he's growing up.