Thursday, October 4, 2012

24 months later...

Happy 2nd Birthday Sissy!!
I know every single month I say " I can't believe you're..." but I really mean it this time. When did my tiny baby turn into a little girl? You are growing up so quickly! I know part of it is life is hectic, we're living in a foreign country and I have 3 other kids to take care of as well, but it seems like your age just kinda creeped up on me. Personally I think you are the *cutest* two year old little girl that I have ever seen, but I love being able to look back and compare to last year and see just how much you grew...
Well, to be fair you didn't grow too much. You are older, wiser, more capable of doing things, more independent, taller and much more personable...but not much bigger. 

Last year, you wore a size 4 you're in a size 6.
Last year, you wore a size 4 diaper...not you're in a 3.
Last year, you weighed 18lbs 5oz and were 29.25 inches in you are 22.5 lbs and 33.5 inches in length.

You are at an age where your primary focus is just having fun. You know how to run/walk/climb/dance/hop and now you just want to spend all day doing that! You love to listen to music and dance. Doesn't matter if we're in the car or at home, you love to shake your little body all around and do so with a huge smile on your face. You're a daredevil and a spitfire and you don't seem to be afraid of anything. 

You still don't talk much. I'm not sure if you can't or if you simply don't need to. One day I really worry about it (the lack of understandable speech) and the next day you're yelling ''MOM! Where are you?" while wandering the house looking. I really think that with 3 brothers and 2 parents who are used to raising small kids, you just really don't need to say much....we simply do it/get it before you say a word. 

It is very obvious that you are a little girl who has three big brothers. While you love taking care of your "babies", feeding them and laying them down for naps, also love to play with Batman. You love legos and cars as much as you love your toy kitchen and dolls. You don't have a tea set or a doll house yet, so I can't say how much you like ''girl toys'' as you've never really tried. You're content with Lightning McQueen and a baby stroller.

Today we celebrated with dinner and cupcakes and you opened two presents. Your party will be on the 14th and I'll update again afterward.

We love you so much Sissy, I can't even imagine what life would be like without you. Happy Birthday my Maggie Moo :)

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