Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Life is crazy right now

Well, to be honest, when isn't my life a little crazy? But it seems to be even more nuts than usual. With the new dynamic of two in school, two to wake up in the morning, two tired ''school aged'' kids getting off the bus....I'm feeling it. Then the little two go to daycare on Tuesday and Thursday mornings; both are on the ''part time preschool'' wait list for their ages but to get them ready for the routine they go for four hours, twice a week. This time allows me to volunteer at the elementary school for 1.5 hours each Tuesday/Thursday, to run any errands, to grocery shop in peace and quiet and then once a week I try to eat a nice lunch with B or Amy...kid free time which I have desperately been needing.

I love my little Rugrats. But, they aren't quite as little as they used to be. Now they are big Rugrats with their own plans/wants and they can communicate (ie, SCREAM) those wants, all at the same and it tends to get overwhelming. Add in regular housework, doctor appointments, cooking dinner, helping with homework, driving back and forth, laying out clothes for the next day plus the fun stuff like building with legos, coloring, getting gelato...it keeps a gal busy! Then we have Sissy who will be turning two years old in a week; and that means a party to plan and host, which I love doing but it's one ''extra'' thing to squeeze in an already busy schedule.

So I just wanted to pop in and say that I have not forgotten about this little blog of mine and I hope to have a real update soon!

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