Monday, August 13, 2012

Sissy is 22 months old!

Sissy this is the first time I have forgotten to take your monthly pictures on the fourth; we were in Germany and I completely forgot until we returned home and I realized it was the fifth already. Time is flying by! At 22 months you....

  • are finally weaning. You're down to nursing just one time, about every other day! I think once your brothers start school and our routine changes, you'll be done all together. 
  • use your silverware correctly and without being reminded (most of the time). 
  • know all of your body parts; including tricky ones like ankle and elbow.
  • love to play pretend. In your playhouse, with your kitchen or with your dolls you will bring me a 'ringing' phone, you will make your brothers eat the cookies you 'baked'. You will meow like a cat and crawl around or run real fast like a car. 
  • are moving up to size 6 shoes. Still in 18-24mos clothes and size 3 or 4 diaper though.
  • can say 'ciao' 'arrivederci' 'gelato'
  • still aren't a big talker but you're getting better! You can say ''where's *insert name here*" you say ''i love you'' ''night-night'' ''want that'' ''what they doing?" and foods such as ''apple, banana, juice, milk, cheese". we're working on saying ''please and thank you'' clearer. you can say objects like ''car, bug, shoe''. 
  • are bossy, and demanding and spoiled rotten but you're also very lovable, gentle and kind. 

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