Monday, January 23, 2012

Overdue update on Peanut

Obviously right now our life is more chaotic than it usually is and I'm pretty proud of myself that during this time of chaos, I've still managed to find the time to blog. Granted a paragraph or two then a photo collage isn't great but it's better than nothing (and honestly, blogger is pissing me off loading individual photos lately so the collages are easier). But I realized today that we've had milestones come and go without me acknowledging them at all! Okay, I acknowledged them but not on my blog. Geez, what kind of mother do you think I am!?
Back in summer and even early fall I was lazily attempting to potty train Peanut. He was almost three, he was full capable physically (holding it at naptime, able to pull his pants up and down, would tell me when he was dirty/wet) but he simply didn't want to. When Nanaw and Papa visited in July, he had it down. For almost two weeks he did awesome with the peeing part. Then Bubba started school...and right about the time Bubba was getting attention for that, Peanut stopped using the potty. He would pee in his undies, on the floor, in a diaper/pull up, anywhere. He wanted his ''kid diapers'' back (sissy's diapers were a different size so he said those were ''baby diapers'' but his were ''kid diapers''...he was NOT a baby if he wore the kid least in his mind. So after a few days, I threw in the towel. I realized that he wasn't ready. I was stressing myself out more than what it was worth. I knew that he would train eventually and I let it go. Sure we left his little potty out and if he went, we praised but we didn't make a big to-do either way.

Fast forward to October. He's really almost three now and I was feeling the societal pressure to get him out of the diapers. Well again, he let me know he had other plans. Some days he would do awesome and the next day he just wouldn't care. At this time, we got our moving dates and I decided to drop it and pick it up once we got settled here.

Well, apparently Peanut had other plans. See he decided to wait until the first week of December to ''want'' to go on the potty. He didn't even tell me or ask me to go, he'd run in there, use the potty then come back out and need me to button his pants and want a high-five. We had a few ''uh-oh I gotta go potty now" instances where we didn't make it to the potty in time but those happen. A few days after this is when we moved into the hotel. In the hotel, I did not have a little potty and he requested that I just give him diapers. Well that wasn't happening since I hadn't brough his ''kid'' diapers. Hours into day 1 at the hotel, he agreed to sit on the big potty and he (unintentionally) went #2 on the potty. Where my other kids were kind of scared to do that, Peanut thought it was SO cool. He loved using the big potty suddenly and it didn't matter where we were at, he'd yell ''I gotta go!" Honestly it's not even that embarrassing by kid number 3...I was just so proud of him for sticking to it! 

So while I was nervous about a full day of flying/traveling with a newly ''potty trained'' kiddo, it went really well. He's completely trained, day and night (though I do make him wear a diaper still at bedtime; only because he's sleeping on a hotel mattress and if he had an accident, I don't want to deal with that). But yeah, so Peanut potty trained himself. Completely and if you don't count all the pressure that I put on him (granted off and on, but still) he trained himself is about three days. So basically I've learned that until Sissy is ready, I'm not stressing myself out nor wasting the time. Besides, one kid in diapers is pretty good considering at one point not too long ago, I had three in diapers at the same time.

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