Wednesday, December 7, 2011

14 month milestone

Sissy you are now 14 months old and I cannot believe how much your personality has exploded in the last month. You're walking, running and now climbing! You love to get down from the sofa and the bed all by yourself. You like to find your brothers' step-stool, a wipe box, anything that you can carry...take it to the middle of the living room and then proceed to stand on it. Of course, you only really do this if you have an audience.

At 14 months old....

  • you now weigh 19lbs 5oz! You gained an entire pound in just one month! Which really does prove that you're an active toddler who when hit with a double ear infection, just didn't feel like eating. I am so thankful that you are growing and thriving after your little scare of losing weight. 
  • love to dance. You shake your shoulders, wiggle your hips and grin to any music. 
  • are starting to stack blocks. I don't remember your brothers doing this until they were older but you stack three high and then laugh as you kick them down. 
  • are drinking whole milk, through a straw cup between meals. You still nurse when you wake up, before nap(s), before dinner and before bed, but if we're out and busy you'll easily skip a feeding and never notice. 
  • are mimicking not just actions but words. In one night you repeated ''daddy, papa, love you (wuvv ewe), and said "utsdat?"... baby speak for ''what's that?"
  • wear 12-18 jeans/pants/dresses, 12 month onesies and can fit into size 4 shoes if you have socks on
  • still wear a size 4 diaper
  • love to give kisses. you'll walk around the house saying ''muah. muah. muah." until someone leans down and lets you kiss them. 
  • are starting to use your spoon and fork. we can now give you your food  on a plate and you don't throw it!
  • as soon as you see a camera or phone pointed in your general direction you start saying ''CHEESE"
Sissy you are really just a lot of fun right now. Sure you have your toddler moments (every day this week you have refused/kicked/screamed and thrown yourself every time I try to put you in a shopping cart) but you are just such a happy baby!

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